from by The Levitated



you're all talk, but no show
you get older, but you never grow

you'll never change for anything
you're stubborn and abusive, but maybe i'm just used to it
i quit, i fucking quit
quit it

and so it seems you'll just pretend that everything is fine
are you fucking blind use your eyes

i've become accustomed to being comfortable with getting walked all over
i'm your stepping stone, your staircase of despair
where would you be without my assistance

you're so persistent, you're so consistent
with treating me like absolute shit
forget about you, forget about me
forget about this, ignore this conflict

you drive me up a wall that i wish i could break through

no, i am not at fault
don't make me feel guilty
i'm tired of showing mercy towards you

so wipe those fucking tears
i promise you, nobody cares

deranged, psycho lunatic
punched in the stomach and can't catch my breath
i'm trying to clean up this mess but it keeps piling up
i'm losing my touch, fixing is a must

looking at me in disgust won't help much
i'm locked and loaded


from Guilt EP, released July 7, 2017



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The Levitated

Metal band from Chicago.

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