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i'll be honest, i haven't been happy in quite some time
i'm laughing because i've been lying for so long
what the fuck am i doing

tragic and drastic
fateful and disastrous
constantly overwhelmed by stress
detrimental, i think i'm going mental

all i ask of you is to cooperate
what a difficult task it must be to be there for me
for someone else other than yourself
irritated, this everlasting loathing

an entire world that has so far shown me nothing but disappointment
you've been no better
i suppose things could still get worse

pour me down the drain
poor me, i'm not okay
but can you tell

observing me running in circles
i just need some sustenance, some food for thought
that i can hurl up

i'm curled up, shaking and lonely
eyes shut, i'm running on empty

a sad excuse of a human being
scum at the bottom of the barrel

be quiet, don't make a sound
your voice is getting too loud
how dare you try to make a difference
how dare you try to finish this

pick me apart
if you get this message, say a word

i'm terrified of being unaccompanied
i'm slowly abandoning everyone and everything around me
shut down, i shut off the lights and just sit in the dark
i just sit in the dark


from Guilt EP, released July 7, 2017



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The Levitated

Metal band from Chicago.

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